Alex Colombo

alex colombo picGrowing up in Italy, artist and designer Alex Colombo was fortunate to be surrounded by many artistic influences and unique experiences. Years later, they still pop up in her work all the time.

"Behind my collections you often can find a tale from my childhood or a memory from some adventure I had. I don’t create my art from photographs or by looking at reality," she explains. "I just draw from my head and my heart."

As a licensed artist who works with a variety of companies, Alex's motto is "Partnering to Make the World a Better Place Through Art." She wants her creations to lift spirits and enhance the everyday lives of others.

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Alex says she learned to draw at a very young age and fell in love with being an artist.

"It gave me a sense of strong pleasure and allowed me to use my imagination, which I had lots of," she recalls. "It enabled and helped me to express what I had on my mind – fantastic tales of a colorful and joyful world."

Crayons and markers still find their way into her art from time to time, but Alex's favorite medium to work with is watercolor.

"The effects I am able to create with watercolors are the closest to my heart - it’s closer to a true rendition of my thoughts and is closer to my spiritual mind," she says.

Alex has a passion for both illustration as well as home decor. She has practiced interior design in Europe and the United States. She describes her artwork as experimental – whimsical with a "twist of European flair." Eclectic patterns with "lots of dots" mark her signature style.

A love of life is what Alex hopes to convey through her work while nature, travel and her memories are what inspire her to create.

"If I think of life as a playful game, my art fits in just right," she says.

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