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Announcing the Winners of the Pin Art & Win Art Contest!

The contest is over - but there's more to come.

Find out who won our first ever Pinterest Contest featuring five of our talented Licensed Artists. Five first place winners won original art, artistic merchandise, and even some stuff to help them on their own journey to becoming an artist.

Five second place winners will be getting free address labels and checkbook covers featuring the work of their favorite CheckAdvantage artist.

Click to make sure you don't miss out the next time we have an awesome contest!

CheckAdvantage Adds Smaller Quantity of 100 Laser Business Checks

center checks 100 quantityThere are times when bigger is better, and then there are times when smaller makes a lot more sense.

To help serve small businesses without a need for a large number of checks, we've just introduced a way to keep your order small and affordable.

Now you can order laser business checks for your company for less than $20!

Find out why we think this is an excellent option in this ever-changing world of business and technology.

Help CheckAdvantage Support Autism Awareness

autism ribbonApril is Autism Awareness month.

CheckAdvantage is marking it by making our first annual donation to Autism Speaks.

It's now believed as many as 1 in every 50 kids in the United States falls in the autism spectrum.

Understanding autism is important. Keep reading to find out more - including how you can help.

Add Some Style to Your Small Business Finances with Premium Laser Checks

floral lasersIf you're an interesting person with an exciting small business - why should anything you do be boring?

Now you can even show your uniqueness with eye-catching business checks.

We've just introduced the first four selections in our Premium Laser Check series.

They are now available through CheckAdvantage in some of our most popular formats - including for QuickBooks and Quicken software as well as MS Money Checks and blank check stock.

Find out what they are and let us know what you'd like us to create for your company!

Introducing the CheckAdvantage Licensed Artist Series

artist check designDozens of new designs at CheckAdvantage now feature the artwork of independent artists from across the country.

As always - we've made sure there's something for everyone! You'll find scenic watercolor landscapes, abstract oil paintings whimsical illustrationsn of puppies and much more!

Check out this article to discover more about the 9 artists we're featuring so far!

Put the Work of Great American Artists on Your New Checks

Celebrate some of the legendary artists that called America home and found their inspiration in the beauty of this great nation.

Find out more about the painters and photographers featured on CheckAdvantage address labels, personal checks and custom checkbook covers.

Their stories are just as interesting as their art!

The Arrival of Custom Checkbook Covers (or Why 3 is a Magic Number)

We've got a brand new product at CheckAdvantage that features all of our eye-catching, original designs.

Custom checkbook covers are the third main product in our personal checking line, following top and side-tear checks as well as return address labels.

Find out why combining all three can be almost magical!

Make Gifts of Money More Festive this Holiday Season

grandma xmas hugGiving some post-holiday spending money to people on your shopping list is nice for you and them.

But a plain-old check, gift card or envelope with cash can lack Christmas spirit.

You can still make it special...

Here's a holly-jolly way to give money to the grandchildren or donate to your favorite charity this season.

Let Legendary Coaches Inspire You Through Your Pesonal Checks

File:Vince Lombardi.pngSome of the most motivational and inspirational quotations of all-time come from coaches.

An amazing coach can turn underdogs into champions, weaklings into warriors and quitters into competitors.

They unite a team of individuals under one common cause...the pursuit of victory!

Find out how you can stick a little of that power in your back pocket!

The Holidays are Hard - Make Them Easier with Self-Adhesive Address Labels

holiday helping handsThere's a lot to do during the holiday season.

The stress can be enough to make even the jolliest of us turn into a grinch.

Everyone could use a helping hand to get us through all the shopping, cooking, gift wrapping, relative visiting and Christmas card mailing.

Find out how CheckAdvantage can help you finish up one of those tasks a bit quicker!

How to Use Your Pinterest Account When You Order Checks Online

At CheckAdvantage, we want to make the process of picking out the perfect personal checks fun and easy!

But with hundreds and hundreds of check designs to choose from, finding your favorite isn't always easy.

Find out how using popular social media service Pinterest can help you out and make things even more enjoyable...

Presidential Candidate Credit Card Bills - What Would They Look Like?

Ever wonder what Barack Obama and Mitt Romney use their credit cards for?

Taking a real-life look at their bills might be even harder than getting a peak at Romney's tax records or a copy of Obama's birth certificate.

But check out this tongue-in-check, educated guess at what might be on the presidential candidates' American Express statements.

Show You Love America with Patriotic Checks and Labels

america graphicWe're less than a month away from the big 2012 Presidential Election.

Whether your backing Barack, Mitt is your man or you're still undecided, it's your duty and privilege to vote in November.

Are your true colors are red, white and blue? Then you'll want to find out more about what you can get in our growing selection of Patriotic Checks and labels. We even have styles for both Democrats and Republicans.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness When You Go Pink With Checks and Labels

Find out how CheckAdvantage is marking Breast Cancer Awareness month this October and see our latest Pink Ribbon design - The Power of Pink available as top tear checks, side tear checks and self-adhesive return address labels.

Plus, you can also discover prevention and early detection methods in an eye-opening infographic you can share with other people you know.

3 Reasons Real Hipsters Use Personal Checks

When we say we've designed personal checks for everybody...we mean it!

Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millenials - folks from all generations can find something that matches their one-of-a-kind style.

Even hipsters can order checks that fit their unique tastes.

As a matter of fact, we thought of a few good reasons why using personal checks is a very hipster-like thing to do.

New Side Tear Checks and Address Labels Make Your Life Easier!

We're introducing two new product lines at CheckAdvantage and are excited for customers like you to try them out!

Find out why you'll save yourself from frustrating headaches and annoying hassles when you order easy-to-use address labels and convenient side tear checks online!

Customer Service Success Stories from CheckAdvantage

Discover how much you can count on the impressive customer service experience offered at CheckAdvantage. Read three short stories about how our representatives went the extra mile to solve the problems of a motorcycle maker, a hair salon owner and how you can find the perfect personal checks!