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You can read about how to find the right checks for your business, why personal checks are a smart way to pay, and what information you should avoid printing on your checks. But it's not just about checks, you'll also find helpful articles relating to personal finances, preventing identity theft, and operating a business.

It's our goal to create a place for our customers to refer to when they have questions about checks. There's a lot to learn about how to use checks, how they work, and how our business checks and personal checks can meet your needs.

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Check Education Categories

Personal Check Education - learn more about the benefits of using personal checks, what you should never print on your checks, and much more!

Business Check Education - get the information you need to choose the right checks for your business, how to find business checks that will work with your software, and even more!

Identity Theft & Fraud Education - educate yourself about check security and the dangers of identity theft to help protect your personal and business finances.

More About Checks - learn more about the world of checks including an explanation of Check 21, and how to identify your routing and account numbers.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes - learn more about the three biggest mistakes people make when they order checks online.