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Some people still don't trust that the internet can be secure. Now obviously it is somewhat dependent upon the website you are visiting and their technical ability. However, for the most part, e-commerce websites are secure and certainly more secure than phone and email. Either way, it is not really worth fighting over the point or trying to convert people to the modern shopping experience. Some people just prefer to do business the way they are comfortable and for many, that means using phones and snail mail. We get it and we most certainly accomodate these folks because they deserve the same great treatment we provide all of our customers. We offer a fax/email order form for anybody who would rather not use our website but still wants to place an order for checks. Obviously if you mail the form in with payment, the process is going to take a bit longer than if you ordered online or via fax/email. As long as you are okay with that, so are we. You may be used to paying extra for these services, but at Check Advantage there will be no service charges or other hidden fees. You shouldn't be expected to pay extra for the privilege of doing things your way. That is ridiculous and you should not tolerate it. Who is paying anyway?

Once we receive your order and payment, we will begin processing immediately. Your order will ship within 2-3 business days after. If you would like the checks faster, we offer rush production and express shipping to expedite the process. We partner with UPS for all shipping so you will receive a tracking number as long as you provide an email. Lastly, we provide a toll-free number so that you can always call for a status update or to get any questions you would like answered. We look forward working with you. offers an assortment of business checks, personal checks, deposit slips, and check supplies. To browse our full catalog, click here: You have absolutely nothing to worry about as we have removed all of your greatest fears with Guarantee.