Cherished Girl

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Are you a fun loving lady who’s proud of her faith and looking for art to match? If so, Cherished Girl designs are for you.

Made for the strong, independent woman with lots of spirit; the messages on these products are uplifting, empowering, and even downright hilarious.

With great slogans like, “Come just as you are, flip-flops and all!” the makers of Cherished Girl strive to make a product women will connect with.

“We are seeing women who would not typically wear a t-shirt embracing Cherished Girl - the feel-good positive messages connect with women and we are proud of that,” says Cherished Girl.

CheckAdvantage is happy to present designs from Cherished Girl on our checks, address labels, and checkbook covers as part of our Licensed Artist Series.

Made by the Kerusso, which has produced faith-based apparel for over 25 years, Cherished Girl designs reflect the spirit of the “Cherished Girl” herself. They’re eclectic, fun, playful, and extremely personal.

Striving to find clever and effective ways to share their beliefs, the makers work hard to keep the look fresh and cohesive.

According to the Cherished Girl Design Team, “Cherished messages are clever and just a little sassy. Walking that line and developing great messages can be a challenge, but we love doing it.”

Each year brings with a new journey to find colors, patterns, and words that will strike a chord with their fans.

Digital techniques are helpful for design work. While there is some hand drawing in the initial stages of production, each illustration is scanned and laid out digitally.

In the future, designers of Cherished Girl hope to keep supplying a voice to women who want to show their spirit to the whole world.

For the sassy lady that’s proud of her individuality and unafraid of the punches life can throw, check out these inspiring designs on our many products today!

To see more from Cherished Girl, check out their website at You can also go to their Facebook Page for more information.