Discount Checks

CheckAdvantage - Quality and Affordability Without the Marketing Games

You may notice something different about CheckAdvantage when compared to other printers selling checks online. There are no introductory offers, no extra-cheap checks, no special promos for first-time customers.

So what gives?

Everyone loves getting a deal. We completely understand. But at CheckAdvantage, we've decided to take a different approach.

We aren't going to play games with you. It's that simple.

Perhaps you've noticed something when you order business checks or personal checks from our competitors. They lure you in with special offers, but when you return to re-order - their prices skyrocket.

That's not the way it works at CheckAdvantage. While there may be small prices increases to adjust for inflation, material costs and shipping rates, the standard price you pay now is the price you pay when you come back to order checks and supplies again.

No matter what type of business checks you order, or what style of personal checks you choose, all of our products are manufactured with quality and care. That's the real reason you won't find discounted checks on our website. We don't skimp on anything.

CheckAdvantage won't make you search for a code when you want free shipping on personal checks. That option is always available to both first-time and returning customers.

Now...all of this doesn't mean we'll never have great deals for our loyal customers.

CheckAdvantage will have special offers from time to time, because we do like to say "Thanks" to the folks who've become dedicated customers. All you have to do is sign up to Get Updates by entering your email address. You'll receive our free Identity Theft Protection email series, as well as our monthly newsletter, which will include the latest special offers.

You can also register for updates when you place your order today.

Don't worry - it isn't spam! But if you ever get tired of hearing from us...all you have to do is unsubscribe. offers an assortment of manual business checks, personal checks, deposit slips, and check supplies at the most reasonable prices on the internet with some of the friendliest customer service you will find anywhere. To browse our full catalog, click here: . You have absolutely nothing to worry about as we have removed all of your greatest fears with Guarantee.