Identity Theft & Fraud Education

Preventing Identity Theft at Your Business - Follow these guidelines to protect your business from fraud and identity theft. It could end up saving you time and money!

Steps to Help Prevent Personal Identity Theft - Find out how to keep your most sensitive information away from identity thieves by following these guidelines.

What to do When Identity Theft Happens to You - Learn about who to contact and what actions you should take if you think your personal information is being used illegally.

Understanding Check Fraud - Check fraud is an all to common crime. There are numerous ways an imposter can use your business and personal checks to commit fraud. Learn about the different criminal tactics and how you can prevent them.

How to Spot a Check Scam - There are criminals all over the world trying to get their hands on your money using check scams. Do you know what to look for before it's too late? Learn how to recognize a scam and avoid becoming a victim.

Check Security: Making Your Business and Personal Checks Safe to Use - Do you know the different security features that should be on your business and personal checks. Find out if the checks you have are safe to use!

5 Ways to Stay Safe When You're Shopping Online - It can be fun and convenient to shop online for anything from new clothes to personal checks. But are you aware of the risks involved? Learn how to stay safe and secure!

Identity Theft Clues: Warning Signs of Trouble - You may not be able to keep criminals from stealing your identity. But you can spot the warning signs and catch them in the at. Discover how!

Identity Theft - Who Can You Trust? - The people you know and love are also the ones most likely to committ identity theft against you. Find out what characteristics make people more likely to become identity thieves.

Is Your Child's Social Security Number Safe? - Your child's SSN could already be in the hands of an identity thief. Find out what's being done to stop these crimes, and what you can do to protect your family.

Consumer Concerns Over Online Shopping Security - The vast majority of consumers are worried about their security when shopping online. Discover what Check Advantage offers to give you peace of mind.

Protect Your Identity and the Environment - Stop Credit Card Offers - Opting out of annoying junk mail from credit card companies is easy. Find out how you'll be protecting yourself from identity theft and helping the environment.