Personal Check Education

The Advantages of Using Personal Checks - Think the personal check is on its way out? Think again. Find out why there are still plenty of reasons to use personal checks every day.

What Not to Print on Your Personal Checks - Protect yourself from identity theft. Discover what information should never be printed on your personal checks.

New Overdraft Rules and Personal Checks - The Federal Reserve is changing the rules and letting you choose if you want to accept your financial institutions practices regarding overdraft charges. Find out what it means for personal checks and you.

How to Properly Cash or Deposit Personal Checks - Cashing a personal check seems like an easy task. However, there are some things you should know beforehand. Learn how to stay save and save money when you cash or deposit personal checks.

Is it Legal to Use Personal Checks with Outdated Information? - Are your personal checks still valid if the address is old or your phone number is incorrect? Find out if these personal checks have to go to waste or if they're still a legal form of payment.

Why Should You Order Personal Checks From Check Advantage? - There are a lot of options for ordering personal checks online. Why should you choose Check Advantage? Find out what makes us your best choice!

Details of In-Depth Studies on Personal Checks and Their Use in the U.S. - Learn how information gathered during recent studies reveals why personal checks are still an important part of society even though the use of electronic payments continues to increase.

The Danger of Using Debit Cards Instead of Personal Checks - Using a debit card is common. But your bank could be using overdraft fees to make money off of you. Discover why using personal checks from Check Advantage is a smart decision that can save you money in the long run.

Common Questions About Personal Checks - Your mom was right. There's no such thing as a silly question! Learn the answers to basic problems with personal checks.

More Questions About Personal Checks - Get more of the answers you're looking for concerning the right way to use and order personal checks!

Why Postdating Personal Checks Won't Work - Can you postdate your personal checks and expect them to only be cashed on or after that date? You may be surprised about what is legal. Find out more!

Personal Checks: Good Ideas and Bad Ideas - There are some pretty stupid mistakes you can make when using personal checks. Discover how you can avoid these bad ideas and stick to the good ones.

Why You Deserve the Right to Write Personal Checks - The vast majority of Americans want to be able to choose how they pay when they shop. But why do so many businesses refuse personal checks? Here's why it makes no sense at all!