Choosing Between Quicken and QuickBooks Software for Business Checks

Having a strong small business means your company's finances are always in order. One of the best ways to keep things under control is to use an accounting software program to digitize and streamline the process.

Quicken and QuickBooks are two of the most popular financial computer programs available, and both are made by Intuit, which also produces TurboTax software.

You can print business checks with both Quicken and QuickBooks. But how do you decide which program is right for your small business?

According to best-selling author Stephen L. Nelson, who wrote versions of both "QuickBooks for Dummies" and "Quicken for Dummies," any accounting software you use should be able to accomplish three specific tasks.

  1. It should let you, your investors, your bank and the IRS accurately measure the profits and financial stability of your small business.
  2. It should produce necessary business forms including business checks, invoices, customer statements etc.
  3. It should allow you to keep precise records of the assets and liabilities of your business.

Nelson believes QuickBooks is more often the better choice when it comes to the best accounting software for small businesses. He says the biggest reason is that Quicken can only produce two types of forms - checks and invoices. QuickBooks, however, can produce purchase orders, customer receipts and many other financial documents.

Nelson does say that Quicken may work just fine if your small business is service based and does not produce specific physical products for customers.

Others point out more advantages of using Quicken. It allows you to go online and have your stock holdings updated to their current market values. This is a feature that's not available with QuickBooks. The fee your bank charges you to conduct online banking transactions with Quicken is often less expensive than the fee charged for using QuickBooks.

However, in general, most accountants will tell you that over the years Quicken has become more of a personal investment tracking tool while QuickBooks is the better choice for small business and tax accounting purposes.

Benefits included with QuickBooks include the ability to track your inventory and better automatic features for tasks such as payroll and calculating finance charges.

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