Boxer Pup Address Labels

Boxer Pup Address Labels
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Boxer Pup Fun Facts

We all know we love Boxers for their boundless energy and memorable personalities. (Even if they're stubborn streak can be a bit of a downfall at times.)

Well, Boxers are even more interesting you may have previously imagined. When you see your Boxer smile there's a reason it's so unique. They have square jaws which are "undershot" meaning the lower jaw sticks out over the upper one and curves. That's what makes it so crooked and so fun.

There's also no such thing as a Boxer with black fur. They're either fawn or tan with black stripes. Though you might see a very dark colored tan one from time to time, you'll never seen one with black fur.

Show everyone how much you love your Boxer pups with these cute address labels featuring the photographs of Artist Kim Crisler. Order now!

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