Address Labels

Give Your Mail a Personalized Finishing Touch!

The most annoying part about filling out envelopes is remembering to put your return address in that top left corner - especially when you have to do it over and over again. Plus, if you're one of the many Americans who suffers from chicken-scratch handwriting, it's barely legible anyway!

Handy return address labels can save you a ton of time, as well as headaches and hassle! The address labels you'll find at CheckAdvantage are printed on a glossy stock with a convenient self-adhesive backing. That means no messy licking. You just peel and place your labels on anything you stick in the mailbox.

Our growing collection of address labels matches the designs of our personal checks! You'll find labels with wildlife and nature photography, labels with artistic flair, labels featuring your favorite sports and many more!

If you can't find the return address labels you're looking for, contact customer service and ask for help.

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