Checkbook Covers

We've Got You Covered!

Personal Checkbook Covers - You wouldn't go out without your pants, would you? So why would you take your new personal checks out with no cover? We offer three styles of black leather checkbook covers and nine colorful choices in vinyl. Find your favorite shade, or a color to match your order of personal checks!

Business Checkbook Covers - Portray professionalism and polish while staying organized when you use our high-quality covers and binders with your new business checks. CheckAdvantage is one of the few places online where you can find 7-ring binders for manual business checks. We also offer a sleek cover for desktop checks.

Don't Cover Up Your Originality!

Custom Checkbook Covers - At CheckAdvantage, we've created hundreds of unique designs for personal checks and labels. Now we've expanded our product selection to include custom checkbook covers that match our more than 2,000 selections.

We wanted to have designs for every possible personality. But why would you want to cover up all that personality with a plain old, boring checkbook cover? These convenient covers let your individualism shine through!

They're also a handy way to carry your personal checks around with you, protecting them from getting damaged as they are jostled around inside your bag. Each cover includes a writing shield for duplicate checks and inserts for credit and debit cards. Note: These covers are designed for top-tear checks. Please purchase an affordable side-tear converter if ordering side tear checks.

You can choose to order your custom checkbook cover in cloth or leather. Cloth covers have an exterior made of polyester while leather checkbook covers are made from top-grain leather that has been texturized and buffed in order to display each design in vibrant detail.

Make it a complete set when you order matching checks labels and a checkbook cover all at once! Or choose a different design for each product.

Whatever you decide - free shipping is available on all three products. So place your order today and save!