Christine Barker

christine barker bio pic

Christine has a passion for everything coastal. Her designs are inspired by the natural beauty found at the beach. She is drawn to the ocean and the laid back life style that comes with coastal living.

When Christine was in her early teens she visited the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and was captivated. "The ocean is so intoxicating", I can't get enough."

This Mid Western transplant grew up in Ohio and moved to Southern California in the early 90’s. There, she lived in the Newport Beach area for many years. In addition to her passion for coastal art and design, she holds a Master’s in Business.

She now lives a few minutes from Malibu, California, which provides a never-ending source of design inspiration. She enjoys traveling to new beaches for fresh ideas to bring uniquely classic coastal and surfer art to life.

So many beaches, so little time!

You can find out more about Christine Barker's work when you visit Christine Parrish Coastal Designs.