Debra Valencia

Debra Valencia picThe love of art and the desire to pursue creative expression is something that has been passed through the generations in Debra Valencia's family.

She says she "inherited" her artistic talents from her grandmother, who was a painter. Debra's father was also an artist. Now her son is a student in art school following his own dreams.

At first, Debra was interested in a career as a fashion designer. However, her parents wanted her to pursue something more practical – as parents tend to do. Debra ended up discovering the joys of graphic design. Now she brings her fashionable work into the homes of people everywhere.

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Debra loves the opportunity to travel, and sees the world as a place full of colorful inspirations. She is especially attracted to the works of craftsmen and artisans from all over the globe.

"I love to scour marketplaces in exotic locations such as Morocco, India and Thailand looking for interesting native designs, colors and combinations," she says.

Her own eye-catching designs, which often include vibrant florals and paisley patterns, are created by hand as well as with digital techniques. Her work is joyful, feminine and timeless.

"My primary customer is a woman with modern taste," the artist explains. "I would like to make everything around her beautiful - from the items on her desk to the kitchen to the jewelry she wears."

Debra Valencia has worked with recognizable brands like Hasbro and Disney creating packaging and product designs as well as with big names like Leonardo DiCaprio. She's also launched an award-winning greeting card company Vida Valencia.

But deep down inside – she still has the heart of that five year-old girl who dreamed of becoming an artist and visiting far away, exotic locations. But now her dream is a reality!

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