Dina Wakley

Dina WakleyWe all need to find some way to express ourselves. For artist Dina Wakley, a journal filled with colorful creations is the perfect way to let her imagination vent.

Wakley doesn't limit herself to one form of art. As a mixed media artist, she enjoys a little variety, combining everything from acrylic paint and modeling paste to crayons and ink sprays. Her work is vibrant and exciting. Wakley says when it comes to creating...she just can't help herself.

"I feel compelled to create and make my mark on the world," she explains.

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Dina Wakley has become recognized for the practice of art journaling. It encourages artists to get ideas out of their heads and into the real world each and every day. Wakley teaches classes in person and online to help others find the joy of art journaling. Classes start by teaching the basics. Then Wakley's students move on to more advanced concepts, which legendary artists have explored for centuries.

"The great thing about art journaling is that you can't do it wrong," says Wakley. "The process of art-making, the creation of it, is more important than the art itself."

She lives in Arizona with her husband and three sons (aka "the fellas"). When she's not working on a new project or teaching a class, you might find Dina Wakley giving guided tours of the Phoenix Art Museum - where she is a docent.

She uses three words to describe what she does: Expressive, Emotional and Authentic. When you see her artwork she wants you to think about your own feelings, desires, hopes and dreams.

Visit her website dinawakley.com to view more of her work and sign up classes. Her book, Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively with Color and Composition is available on Amazon.com.