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Saving the Planet One Check at a Time

Remind yourself and others to take care of the Earth every time you open your checkbook!

At CheckAdvantage, we're recognizing Earth Day 2012 by offering some very special personal check designs. The unique sets of checks featured here encourage us all to think about ways we can protect the planet by "Going Green," and living our lives responsibly.

Choose from these six sets of personal checks:

There's no reason to get political about being environmentally friendly. The Earth is home to all of us, regardless of your opinion on global warming and climate change or alternative energy and offshore drilling. Let's agree that only good can come from treating the world with respect!

CheckAdvantage loves to celebrate the beauty found in nature. That's why you'll find dozens of Scenic Checks, Animal Checks as well as Flower and Plant Checks featuring stunning photography of the outdoors and all kinds of wildlife.

When we each do our part to keep the Earth clean and beautiful it makes a big difference! That's why you remember to recycle, reduce waste and reuse whatever you can before it goes in the trash.

Order checks online from CheckAdvantage today and you'll never forget to show Mother Earth a little love. Happy Earth Day!