Golden Daffodil Address Labels

Golden Daffodil Address Labels
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Good Reason to Be a Bit Conceited

Greeks gave this flower the name Narcissus after a young man who was so obsessed with his looks, he couldn't stop staring at his own reflection in a pool - and stayed there forever. It's said he turned into a daffodil.

But perhaps you'd be vain too if you were had the same exquisite appearance as a bright yellow daffodil! These elegant blossoms create an attractive finishing touch for every piece of mail you send.

If you need a little extra beauty sleep, your new labels will help you save some time. Since they are self-adhesive, all you need to do is stick one on each envelope. You'll never need to write your return address on anything ever again.

Get your own Golden Daffodil Address Labels today! You can also order matching personal checks.
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