Our Guarantee


Do You Recall the Corner Grocer of the 1950's?

The proprietor would meet you at the door, knew your name, knew your preferences, knew how to solve your problem, and would put things aside for you.

You felt fiercely loyal because, with each visit, you got so much more than you paid for!

With the advent of the superstore, the family store has been relegated to nothing more than a distant memory. Wide selection, price wars, and mass marketing came with a price and that price was the untimely death of “real honest to goodness” service.

(Image Credit: PotatoBenevolence)

Our Guarantee

  • On-Time (we average 99%)
    • Our Promise: Your order will leave our warehouse within 6 business days (Noon Central Time cutoff) or we refund (via the original payment method) your shipping charge and pay for it ourselves.
    • Your Job: Provide daytime contact information so we can reach you if need be.

  • Mistake-Free (we average 99.9%)
    • Our Promise: Your order will be free of mistakes (made by us) or we will gladly reprint and ship replacements at no cost to you.*
    • Your Job: Let us know of the error within 90 days of purchase.

  • Clear-the-Bank 
    • Our Promise: Your checks will clear the bank and work in stores or we will gladly reprint and ship replacements at no cost to you.*
    • Your Job: Have the bank/store provide the reason they did not clear in writing.

  • Software Compatible
    • Our Promise: Your checks will match your software format or we will gladly reprint and ship replacements at no cost to you.*
    • Your Job: Provide a check sample with your order so we can match the format.

  • Oops!
    • Our Promise: If you make a mistake and your checks do not function at the bank, we will gladly reprint replacements at no cost to you. Period. Feeling better? Great!*
    • Your Job: Let us know of the error within 30 days of purchase and provide payment for shipping. Limit one free re-print per order.

  • No-Hassle Satisfaction
    • Our Promise: You will be completely satisfied with your order or we will make it right.
    • Your Job: Tell us how we can improve.

* Because most of our products are custom made for you, we do not accept returns. If your order needs to be replaced, simply destroy and dispose the unusable product. 

Why Do Business with CheckAdvantage?

  • Standard orders ship within 3 business days if placed before Noon Central Time
    • Say Goodbye To: Waiting around 2+ weeks for your order to arrive
  • Our customer service folks average 10+ years hands-on experience manufacturing checks
    • Say Goodbye To: Dealing with clueless outsourced call centers and annoying canned responses
  • No additional charges on phone/faxed/emailed/mailed orders
    • Say Goodbye To: Paying an extra 10% for the privilege of doing things your way
  • We allow more than one set of business checks and deposit slips per order
    • Say Goodbye To: Placing multiple orders and paying extra shipping charges
  • No setup fees, hidden charges, or other misleading practices
    • Say Goodbye To: Reorders costing $50 more than your original order
  • Personal attention with every order
    • Say Goodbye To: Having to deal with machines when you really want a human being
  • Modify your order after it has been placed
    • Say Goodbye To: Finding a typo a few minutes later and being told it is too late to change

If “all” your current check company can offer you is a low-price guarantee, you may not be shopping at the right place. You may want to consider how all of the check companies can make the same promise yet by definition is only true for one. Hmmm... Just as you expect oxygen in the air you breathe, you expect your check company to be competitive on price. And, we are. However, ask yourself, "What else are they willing to do for me to retain my business?" Then decide if it really is worth your loyalty.