Jamie Sanderlin Parks

jamie sanderlin parksJamie Sanderlin Parks was floundering in her Horticulture major when her sister suggested she take some art classes.

Before long, Jamie had changed her major and won “Best in Show” in the annual student art exhibition. Her path unfolded quickly after that.

After years of hard work, she has a BFA from Arkansas State University, an MA from the University of Iowa, and most has found great purpose and joy capturing Nature’s beauty on her canvas.

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Jamie grew up on a farm in the Arkansas Delta between the Mississippi & White Rivers. Her place of origin is a huge influence on her work.

“This is my ‘Big Sky’ country of rivers with their sandbars, bottomland woods and flat fields of grain and cotton that stretch for miles, and big open skies,” she says.

She has also been touched by the work of Claude Monet and JMV Turner. The Nashville painter, Gayle Levee has also served as an influence and mentor in Sanderlin Park’s artistic life.

When asked to describe her style, Jamie refers to it as “Americana Impressionist.” She works mostly in oils because of its natural feel.

“I’m myself with brush in hand at a canvas,” she says. “It’s possible that only creating oil paintings limits the salability of my work in today’s pop culture but I must be true to myself. Otherwise, I may as well get a job doing something else.”

Outside of art, she finds great passion in gardening. It was an affection instilled in Jamie by her grandmother who lived next door to Jamie when she was young. This passion creeps into her art when she paints her glorious still life paintings.

Above all, Jamie adores getting lost in her process. She has an almost palpable hunger to create and those closest to her say she gets restless and discontent when she doesn’t have time.

“I love it when I’m so engrossed in painting a piece that I lose all track of time and even lose hunger for food,” she says. “I hate it when the painting muse won’t come to me.”

If you want to see more of the Jamie Sanderlin Park’s work, check out her website at jamiesanderlinparks.com.