Jan Norsetter

Jan Norsetter picJan Norsetter describes her paintings as "edited realism in an impressionistic style."

For her, being an artist is a lifelong process with many benefits, from meaningful self-expression to enjoying nature in a deeper way. By taking her canvas and oil paints into the outdoors, Norsetter's personal creative process becomes an immersive experience.

"When I'm working on something, I get lost in the adventure of it all, and the world around me sinks into the background. Reaching inner peace with one's self is a fantastic journey," she says.

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Norsetter practices Plein Air painting, which means painting in the open air. She does much of her work standing in the middle of the scenic landscapes each piece portrays.  That has included a visit to Wyoming where she painted the Grand Tetons, and a trip to Italy to capture the lush countryside.

Oil paints are her favorite medium to work with, because of the rich, vibrant colors and versatility the paint provides. However, the blank canvas isn't the only place Norsetter creates art.

She is also accomplished in the craft of rosemaling. This Norwegian folk art is a form of decorative painting that features eye-catching patterns of stylized floral scrolls. Norsetter first saw her aunt rosemaling as a child. She would later discover this artistic skill truly is in her blood.

While conducting research on rosemaling, the artist came across a familiar name in a Norwegian book. It was Norsetter's great, great, great grandfather. He and his son were rosemalers in Telemark, Norway more than 200 years ago. The artist likes to say she "inherited the rosemaling gene."

Norsetter wants those who view her art to see the world the way she does. In her paintings, she strives to accentuate what our eyes are drawn to, while downplaying what is less important.

"I hope my art makes people feel comfort in what they see, optimism about the world we live in and protective of our environment," she says.

Find out more about Jan Norsetter's artwork when you visit norsetter.com. You can also view her rosemaling pieces at rosemaler.org.