Jellyfish Address Labels

Jellyfish Address Labels
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A Blooming Menace? Not Really...

Recently there have been reports that jellyfish populations are growing at an alarming rate, threatening to upset the balance in every ocean of the world.

But how serious is the problem, really? Fortunately, not as bad as some would have you believe.

As it turns out, a "jellyfish bloom" is a naturally occurring phenomenon that follows a 20-year boom-and-bust cycle. Zoologists now say "don't panic"; jellyfish are not taking over the seven seas! They're simply in a bloom phase, and their numbers will wane predictably in the coming years.

So now that you know jellyfish aren't poised to overtake every beach on the planet, you'll feel just fine about putting cool blue images of the freaky-looking creatures on every envelope and package you mail!

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