Jessica Swift

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Jessica Swift says she's been creating art her entire life and calls it "a natural instinct."

The simple fact that she can create art is inspiring to her, and the opportunity to bring an idea to life is what excites her.

"I love sitting down in front of a blank computer screen or standing in front of a blank canvas and creating something out of nothing. The act of creation itself is inspiring, and I'll never get tired of the process," she says.

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As a kid, Jessica always told people she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. But it was at the age of 23 that she finally realized this could be more than just a dream or a hobby. That's when she took part in her first outdoor, juried art festival.

"I was surrounded by artists making a living doing what they loved," Jessica remembers."I sold dozens of paintings, and it was a transformative weekend for me. I realized if it was possible for them to make a living as working artists, then it was possible for me, too!"

Jessica goes back and forth creating artwork both with acrylic paints and by using digital techniques. She says the two forms of media have different benefits.

"Painting helps me connect to the moment and to relax. I can lose track of time while creating patterns on the computer and get laser-focused," she explains. "The two media lure me into different creative zones, which I love! These are the media that speak to me the most out of everything I've tried."

Jessica's art and pattern designs are full of vibrant color meant to lift your spirits. On her website, she says she believes "everyone deserves to be exquisitely happy." Happiness, hope and some exuberant energy are what she wants you to feel when you view her work.

Discover even more about this artist when you visit, where you can read her blog. You can also connect with Jessica Swift on Facebook or check out her ebook for aspiring artists.