Kate McRostie

Kate McRostieArtist Kate McRostie has created a brand new word to describe her work...”trenditional,” which she says means traditional with a twist.

"I give my pieces a time-worn look by using muted, sophisticated colors and textures,” she explains. "It seems to fit well with many styles."

Kate says she’s been making her own art since she was just 8 months old, sitting in a hand-painted high chair coloring for hours.

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Kate grew up in a military family. But unlike many kids who complained about moving around the country, she saw the benefit of that lifestyle. She enjoyed going from state to state, absorbing all the different scenery and cultural experiences.

Another part of Kate’s childhood that influenced her artistic style was frequent visits to flea markets and antique shops with her mother, who was also a designer and artist.

Before becoming a licensed artist, Kate opened decorative painting businesses in several cities around the country. She happened to marry a Marine lieutenant, so the transient military life continued for her as an adult.

Today she is a mother to three daughters and enjoys the balancing act of painting and raising a family in North Carolina - where she’s settled now that her husband has left active duty.

"I mainly use acrylic paint because I enjoy the flexibility it allows, Kate says. "It dries fast which is important to me considering that I have three children with busy schedules!"

Kate says she loves what she does, and she feels rewarded as she watches her ideas come to life.

"My main purpose in creating my art is to share it with others.  In that, I hope to bring a little hope and joy to our crazy world!" She says.

Learn more about this artist and view more of her work when you visit katemcrostie.com.  Plus you can also connect with Kate on Facebook.