Lily Adamczyk

lily adamczyk pic

For Lily Adamczyk, art is often found in the details. You'll notice how her impressive oil paintings focus on the finer points of a striking scene.

She has lived in New York and Southern California - capturing the beauty of both the East and West coasts. Today she calls Las Vegas home, but no matter what her subject, Adamczyk says it's always an exciting journey.

"Each time I start a new piece, I feel as though I'm starting on a new adventure," she says. "I never know where it may take me!"

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Like many artists - and many children - Lily loved creating her own art at a young age. But she didn't really discover her hidden talent until she was just starting to raise a family of her own. A friend invited her to start painting, and on a whim, Lily decided to give it a try.

"As it turns out, I developed a real passion for painting and had a natural ability to interpret what I see and create from nature my interpretation in my art," she explains.

Anything and everything can inspire Lily to pick up her paintbrush and get to work. "It's like breathing, it just comes natural to me," she says. You'll find a wide variety of landscapes featured in her work, including the art displayed at CheckAdvantage.

She's experimented with different mediums as she's grown as an artist, yet she always comes back to her first love, oil paints.

"I find that with oils I can achieve the luminosity and mood in my pieces unlike any other mediums I have worked with," she says.

Adamczyk wants her paintings to evoke a sense of joyful nostalgia that reminds viewers of their favorite memories or transports them to a place of peace and beauty.

Now Lily has brought her journey as an artist full-circle and is teaching others to bring their own ideas to life through painting. She's found it to be a rewarding experience that has also helped her become a better artist.

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