Natasha Bacca

natasha bacca picMeteoritic changes were crashing through the world of photography as Natasha Bacca pursued her degree.

The commanding darkroom was replaced by the computer lab and many once prosperous photography businesses were closing those doors forever.

Though this would intimidate some artists, Natasha used it as an opportunity to embrace and question the digital world that was assimilating photography, leading to her unforgettable style.

“Exploring and capturing light through formal and conceptual studies, I challenge traditional understanding of what a photograph is and how one is made,” Natasha says.

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Natasha has always loved art, but started studying it seriously in high school. Since then she’s earned an Associate’s Degree in Photography, a BA in Art from the University of Oregon, and a Master’s Degree in Education with Art Credential from Eastern Oregon.

She began showing her work in a gallery setting in 2008 and first worked in the commercial sphere when the Deschutes Brewery asked for her help with their Jubelale line in 2010. This would eventually lead her to licensing.

To create her pieces, Natasha uses light emitting devices to brush color into form across light-sensitive paper. Instead of documenting an existing image, she generates an original one, much like a painter.

By making her unique camera-less art in a darkroom, she revisits the wonders of photography’s invention.

“My work explores the nature of the photographic experience, the chemistry of traditional photography, the direct capture of light, and the relationship between image and surface, she says.”

Since no negative, enlarger, camera, or computer is used in her process; each piece she produces is truly unique. She has even self-authored a patent for this process, which was granted in January of 2011.

Outside of the creative realm, Natasha also has a huge passion for education. She has educated in the US, Japan, and Brazil. Currently, she teaches photography at Central Oregon Community College.

All in all, she is a unique and intelligent individual whose work will make you reexamine light, life, and the relationship between art and technology.

“Combing cutting edge technology with the most archaic of processes, I push the bounds of conventional photography to invoke fresh alternatives to creating and appreciating art,” she says.

To see more of the artist’s work and order prints, visit her website at You can follow her blog at or check out her Twitter or Facebook Page.