Nesting Eagle Address Labels

Nesting Eagle Address Labels
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The Protective Parent

Even a powerful bird of prey like the bald eagle has a nurturing instinct.

Both mother and father protect their nest from danger. The mates also take turns incubating the eggs. In fact, Oone of the parents remains on the nest almost constantly until the eaglets hatch. What an amazing example of the strong bond formed by family!

This attractive set of address labels features images of and American eagle family at home, high in the treetops. It's the perfect way for nature lovers and dedicated moms and dads to mark their mail.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier the tedious task of filling out envelopes will become. Since these are self-adhesive labels, all you have to do is stick them on anything that goes out in your mailbox.

Order your very own Nesting Eagle Address Labels now! Get them with a set of matching personal checks.
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