Robbin Rawlings

robbin rawlings picRobbin Rawlings began her art career quite early (at only 2 ½ years old) with a circle full of scribbles she described to her mother as, “snakes fighting.”

Now she lives in Boulder, Colorado. With a house overlooking the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, she never struggles for inspiration.

From her home studio, she shares the upbeat and exuberant style of art that comes to her from living in such an enchanted place.

“I cannot remember ever wanting to be anything other than an artist,” she says.

CheckAdvantage is proud to present Robbin Rawlings designs on our checks, address labels, and checkbook covers as a part of our Licensed Artist Series.

Robbin uses the mediums of watercolor, acrylic paint, and graphite pencil to commit the sights and sounds of the wildlife that visit her home to page. At any one time she could be visited by foxes, butterflies, hummingbirds, mice, and even mountain lions-right in her back yard!

To get her special “robbinish” essence, she imbues her detailed, unique patterns with a blend of joy, whimsy, and a tiny twist of humor. Her style is marked by loose, hand-drawn pencil lines and unexpected color combinations.

“I hope my art inspires people to find the beauty and peace in everyday items,” she says.

In addition to her passion for creating, Robbin enjoys going camping, gardening, birding, and traveling. One of her favorite things is to get a chance to “slow down enough in a place to see what makes it special.

Though this may sound relaxing in theory, it’s a lot more rambunctious than you might think!

One of Robbin’s favorite methods of travel is going on a road trip with no destination and one goal: let’s see who, where, and what we discover today!

If you’re looking for a chance to slow down and discover the unique qualities of the world around you, take a peek at her designs today.

To see more of Robbin Rawlings’ art, check out her website at