Seagull Address Labels

Seagull Address Labels
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Salt Water Will Just Have to Do!

Did you know that gulls have a pair of specialized glands for flushing salt out of water so they can drink directly from the sea? It's true. Even though they prefer to drink fresh water, they can survive on salt water if they have to.

It's an amazing adaptation that lets these large birds drink seawater, which, of course, is not potable to humans and most animals.

Once the bird's desalination glands have done their work, the excess salt is expelled through the gull's nostrils as a liquid saline that is many times saltier than human tears.

Now that we've shared a bit of trivia about these celebrated shore birds, why not order Seagull Address Labels and matching Seagull Personal Checks from CheckAdvantage? Make them yours today!
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