Alfred Hitchcock Address Labels

Alfred Hitchcock Address Labels
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Innie or Outie?

Perhaps you've heard that Alfred Hitchcock, who lived to be 80, had no belly button. That's pretty weird, so we decided to look into the matter.

It turns out that Mr. Hitchcock came into the world with his umbilicus intact until it was cut, just as you'd expect. Whether his was an "innie" or an "outie," however, we haven't been able to discern.

What we did learn is that later in his life, Hitchcock underwent a series of abdominal surgeries; it was actually scar tissue from stitches that ultimately obscured his navel.

Now you can celebrate the Master of Suspense -- no matter what kind of belly button he had -- when you use these cool Alfred Hitchcock Address Labels from CheckAdvantage. Order yours today!

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