Cool Address Labels

If It's Cool With You...

Coolness, it would seem, is in the eye of the beholder. What one person finds interesting, fashionable or unique may not match the tastes of another. But we've got something for everyone!

Browse through this collection of what we like to call Cool Address Labels and find the ideal design to mark your mail. Maybe you're interested in a pattern of colorful stars or animal stripes. Perhaps ancient dragons or pirates are your thing. How do you feel about a design featuring girly skulls?

Whatever tickles your fancy - you're going to find an excellent fit here at CheckAdvantage. If not in this category, the perfect pick has to be somewhere in our more than 1600 selections!

What's really cool about our labels is that they are self-adhesive. That means instead of scribbling out your return address over and over again, you can just peel and place them labels to finish off every envelope.

The thing that makes you super cool is the fact you are an individual with your own style. Find it here...and stick it on your outgoing mail!