Bodybuilder Cartoon Address Labels

Bodybuilder Cartoon Address Labels
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Beauty of the Male Form

Michelangelo's David. Da Vinci's Vitrivuian Man. Both classic depictions of the male form in all it's majesty.

John Gleneicki's figures on the Muscleheadz may differ from the symmetry and stoicpoise of the Renaissance painters, but that doesn't mean they're not skilled depictions of big muscled men.

With pecs, delts, biceps, and gluts, you'd be crazy not to envy, these cartoonish figures give the gym lover plenty to laugh at, while not being ashamed of their ripped forms.

Whether you live to pump iron, or are just working to keep in shape at your local gym, there's no denying that these checks depict masculinity in all it's glory.

Awesome. Awesome to the max.

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