Sports Address Labels

The Spirit of Competition

Whoever said "winning isn't everything" probably wasn't very good at sports. Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi hit the nail on the head when he proclaimed wining is "the only thing!"

Of course, there's more to victory than the point total on the scoreboards at the end of a game or the first person to cross the finish line. Sports allow you to compete against your own limitations. They give you confidence and camaraderie while keeping you healthy and relieving stress.

The exclusive designs found in our Sports Address Labels feature dozens of different athletic events - from football, baseball and basketball to slightly less mainstream sports like curling, lacrosse and even cricket! Looking for something extreme? You'll also find styles for sports like surfing, skateboarding and rock climbing right here!

Whatever your game may be...CheckAdvantage has you covered. Whether you're out on the field or a fan in the stands, now you can stick your preferred sport on every envelope you mail!

If you don't see the game you love to play in this collection, make sure to let us know. We're always adding new choices and looking for fresh ideas!