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I assume your search for check printing either relates to finding a company who can print your checks, be it for business or personal use, or for some information or products to help you print your own checks, likely with accounting software and for business purposes. If that is what you are looking for, we will cover both here. Let us begin with finding a company for your check printing needs. What do you need to know in order to make an informed purchase? Honestly, not a whole lot. I know...surprise, shock, horror, unbelievable...coming from a company who sells checks. However, that is the truth and don't let any of those other companies sell you swamp land with your checks. First, banks don't manufacture checks. Second, they often mark them up 50-75% over what you can find online. The checks are no better than what you find online because they are printed by the very companies you find online. As long as your checks have some security features, they are about as safe as they can get. Don't be sold a false bill of goods with extra security features and fraud protection plans. These are basically the equivalent of extended warranties and hopefully you know that those are pure profit for the seller and pure waste for buyer. Don't fall for this junk.

Find a check printing company that offers competitive pricing, has terrific customer service, creates an enjoyable buying experience and stands behind their products. Check out Guarantee for more on why you should consider having Check Advantage handle your check printing.

If you would rather print the checks yourself, you can do that and we can help. First, you will need either a laser or inkjet printer with special MICR ink. Without the MICR ink, your bank may not be able to process your checks. Second, you will need some blank check stock. We sell the same blank check stock we use to print all of our checks. No cheap junk sold here. Lastly, you need an accounting software program, such as Quicken or Quickbooks, to handle the formatting and sending the print job to your printer. That's it, nothing to it.

Check offers a wide selection of business checks, deposit slips, and check supplies. To browse our catalog, click here: