Retro Address Labels

Hop in Our Time Machine!

Sometimes it's okay to live in the past - especially when the decades gone by were so full of funky good times!

These unique return address labels from CheckAdvantage pay tribute to the sixties and seventies - but also stretch back to the fifties and give you a taste of the totally rad eighties too.

You'll find selections that will remind you of your disco days, crazy designs that take you on a long strange trip, and labels featuring laid-back hippie style.

Why leave your letters and packages looking dull and drab when you can stick on something with color and character? Our Retro Address Labels will bring them to life while letting you give your outgoing mail an original, personalized finishing touch.

Plus, you won't have to scribble your return address on every envelope like they did in the "good old days." Here in the new millennium, we use self-adhesive labels to make a tedious task super simple. Just peel and place a label on anything you put in the mailbox. Pretty far out, right?