Classic Address Labels

Truly Classy Classics!

What makes something a classic? Take a look at the wide variety of unique address label designs in this section and you'll get a pretty good idea!

Being a classic doesn't have to mean being old. That's why we have 'instant classics.' When something is a classic it doesn't mean everyone loves it either. But it does represent something that has stood the test of time and holds a special quality making it well-known, distinguished and in a league of its own.

Some of the return address labels you'll find here are classics because they are traditional. Others break traditions to create something brand new! You'll find very basic styles, recognizable patterns as well as imaginative selections that were inspired by established artistic concepts.

One thing is for sure, the collection of Classic Address Labels available online through CheckAdvantage will give every envelope you mail a classy look!

Use these convenient, self-adhesive address labels to save yourself time and headaches. Now preparing to send letters and packages will be a snap. Just peel, stick and move on!

Start shopping for some tastefully timeless address labels and find the perfect style for you!