3 on a Page Checks

The Quality Business Checks You Need and Prices You'll Love!

Like everything connected to your business, the checks you choose to use are a reflection of your company. At CheckAdvantage, we proudly print quality products that meet the specific needs of your business.

3-on-a-Page Checks come in a range of different styles. Choose from versatile selections allowing you to pay several invoices at once, checks with a voucher, or those designed for payroll purposes.

Your manual checks will be 7-hole drilled to fit with 7-ring check binders.

Find the 3-on-a-page manual style you need right here at CheckAdvantage!

Product Code: CAMV & CAG & CAP & CAGB
Overall Size: 9-3/16" x 13"
Check Colors: Blue Basketweave, Gold Basketweave, Green Basketweave, & Tan Executive Stripe
Consecutive MICR Numbers: 6 digits standard, 9 digits maximum in the MICR area. 10 digits standard in the MICR area for style CAG.
Consecutive 3/16" Gothic Numbers: 6 digits standard, 10 digits maximum.
Typefont: Helvetica
Companion Envelope: None Available