Desktop Checks

Save Space and Keep it All in One Place With Desktop Business Checks!

It doesn't matter if you're looking to make some roomor need a hand staying organized - desktop checks are the ideal solution

To put it simply - they are a smaller version of the standard, manual business check. We trim off the area used for the seven-hole punch and put them in a sleek cover along with your register.

We know you're going to love how portable this selection can be! They're an excellent choice for the business professional who's always on the go. Take your checks, register and deposit slips along for the ride without taking up valuable space in your briefcase.

If your workspace keeps getting cluttered, give your new compact desktop checks a home by slipping them inside the slender cover.

When it's time to get new checks, you can reorder desktop business checks, free deposit slips, and the register without ordering an unneeded, additional cover.

Why make things difficult when you can order desktop checks today?

Overall Size: Desktop checks are business sized. The finished product with no cover measures 8 11/16" across and 9 3/16" high. The checks themselves are 8 1/8" x 9 3/16" and with the cover it measures 9" x 9 9/16".