Career Side Tear Checks

Working for a Living?

Unless you're over-privileged or a complete slacker, chances are you're wrapped up in your chosen discipline. After all, work is what makes the world go 'round—at least that's what some people say!

At CheckAdvantage, we offer a huge selection of Career Checks because we know how important your work is to your sense of self. And the way we see it, having a checkbook that reminds you of what it takes to earn your money might help you save more of it, too!

Another thing you're going to love about our Career Side Tear Checks is their short perforation on the left. It affords better leverage so your documents separate quickly and cleanly from the pad. No more accidental rips!

Now that's what we call putting your money to work! So don't delay—shop for your brand new Career Side Tear Checks today!