Classic Side Tear Checks

Popularity Plus!

If CheckAdvantage were a high school yearbook, our Classic Checks would've already been voted "Most Popular"! That's because they have a timeless quality that customers come back for again and again.

Oh sure, some styles are flashier than others, but nothing here will bore you to tears, either!

When you browse our Classic Side Tear Checks, you'll see we offer hundreds of selections that are strikingly simple but will still give your pocketbook an original, individual flair!

Why did we create so many traditional check styles?

Because your choice in personal checks can help shape your professional image, too. That means it's probably best to steer clear of Gothic gore (though we have some of that, too)!

But don't let us scare you away—check out our complete line of Artistic, Floral Print, Patterns & Textures and Basic Checks today!