Close to Home Side Tear Checks

Keeping It Real

Our Close to Home Side Tear Checks speak to that which matters most in your day-to-day life—themes dealing with work, spirituality and the cycles of the seasons, to name a few.

At CheckAdvantage, we strive to offer something for everyone. That's why you'll find Career Checks celebrating a range of popular professions, from law enforcement and firefighting to teaching, technology and beyond!

But that's not all. Our Close to Home collection also includes Inspirational Checks, Christian Checks, Country Living Checks and Seasonal Checks, too!

It's because CheckAdvantage understands that it takes more than just work to be fulfilled in this life. That it's your family, your friends and your faith that prop you up and give you strength. And that seasonal celebrations are often what bring us closest to the ones we love.

That's what our Close to Home Side Tear Checks are all about. Let them remind you of what's most important every time you write a personal check. Browse our entire collection today!