Food & Drink Side Tear Checks

Great Taste!

Show your impeccable taste in food and finances by choosing a set of side-tear checks from the Food & Drink Collection at CheckAdvantage.

That's right, now you can get checks with many different food and beverage themes, including customer favorites like our popular Wine and Cheese Checks, Sushi Checks and Not-So Forbidden Fruit Checks.

And if by chance your taste in checks trends toward the comical, go ahead and have a look at our Picnic Ant design, too. They'll crack you up while reminding you to think twice about outdoor dining!

Seriously, though, with a set of our Food & Drink Side Tear Checks in your pocketbook, you'll satisfy your craving for value every time you write one. That's because the short, left-side perforation offers superior leverage for a quick, clean tear and no more accidental rips.

What do you call that? Champagne taste on a beer budget, that's what! Order yours today!