Cute Side Tear Checks

Oh How Cute!

Sometimes "cute" is the only word that'll do.

It's true of our Cute Penguin Checks. And our Cute Doodles, Cute Cow, Cute Ladybug and Cute Corset Checks, too!

In fact, we have so many cute checks, you'll have trouble choosing! Best to order in small quantities so you can pick more than one of these adorable designs!

Of course, there are plenty of styles that don't have "Cute" in their name; still, they're awfully cute just the same!

But besides being pleasingly precious, these side-tear checks are user-friendly too. That's because the short, left-side perforation makes separating your documents a breeze!

So go ahead and spice up your pocketbook with a cute set of functional side-tear checks. We've got choices to suit your every fancy; browse them all and personalize your favorites today!