Dog Side Tear Checks

Precious Pooches

Nothing beats being greeted with a wet slobbery kiss from your tail-wagging buddy at the end of the day, and at CheckAdvantage, we're not grossed out, either!

Quite the contrary: We know how special the bond is between a dog and its keeper. We know that once you accept a four-legged member into your family, there's no turning back!

And though we don't yet have checks celebrating every dog breed (keep checking—we're working on it!), we do have enough adorable dog checks to keep you cooing "Aawwwww" for quite some time to come!

Just think—with a new set of side-tear checks from the Dog collection at CheckAdvantage, you'll demonstrate your dogged affection for the canines every time you write a check.

Better still, the handy, short-side perforation lets you separate your completed documents quickly and cleanly from the pad, which is nothing to snarl at!

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