Wildlife Side Tear Checks

It's a Jungle Out There...

...And an ocean, and a prairie, and a mountain...you get the idea!

For our impressive collection of Wildlife Side Tear Checks, our artists went to all lengths to bring you animal photos from around the world and around the block!

Oh sure, we've got common critters like squirrels and bunnies, but you'll find more exotic beasts like tigers, gorillas and jellyfish, too!

Our photographers and graphic designers put together a dazzling array of styles so wildlife lovers like you will have plenty of options in personal checks.

But their striking good looks aren't the only thing you'll love about our Wildlife Side Tear Checks. The short, left-side perforation makes for a trouble-free tear, so your documents won't rip in the wrong place when you separate them from the pad.

Don't delay -- adopt your new Wildlife Side Tear Check design today!