On The Water Side Tear Checks

Pure and Powerful!

Believe it or not, you can still find unspoiled waters in some far reaches of planet Earth. Take a hike along a rugged river trail and you might just stumble upon a raging waterfall, too!Or maybe sea kayaking is more your style.

Whatever drives you to the water's edge, you're not alone. People have turned to the purifying power of water for ages, and modern life has done nothing to dampen that desire!

Now you can put peaceful water scenes in your purse or pocketbook when you order a set of handy side-tear checks from our exclusive On the Water collection.

What you'll love the best about these checks is how easily they separate from the pad. They won't rip in the wrong place because the left-side perforation improves leverage for a quick, clean tear.

Browse our entire selection of On the Water Side Tear Checks and choose your favorites today!