Retro Side Tear Checks

Remember When...?

Some people have a sense of nostalgia that keeps them living in the past.

At CheckAdvantage, we don't knock it. After all, we have a few fond memories of our own!

Plus, retro design is more fashionable today than ever. What is it about "flower power," anyway?!

Don't answer that. We get it. We know your idealism didn't completely fade with the Woodstock decade!

But aging hippies and op art lovers aren't the only ones who'll enjoy shopping the Retro Checks collection at CheckAdvantage. We've got a range of offerings geared toward other historic eras, too. Examples include our Roaring Twenties Checks, Fifties Diner Checks and 1980s Style Checks, to name a few.

And even though these selections are packed with visual reminders of the past, they're fully modern in their functionality. That's because the short, left-side perforation lets you separate your completed documents quickly and cleanly from the pad. No more accidental rips!

Now that kind of value is just like our Retro Checks collection: it'll never go out of style!