Cartoon Side Tear Checks

Lighten Up!

Our Cartoon Side Tear Checks are sure to tickle your funny bone, whether you choose Silly Seahorses, Happy Hippos, Fun Flamingos, or some other alliterative adjective-animal combo!

But we have to warn you: These checks aren't for just anybody. You have to have plenty of fun-loving kid sense left, because that's what these fanciful designs are all about!

When you select side-tear checks from the Cartoon collection at CheckAdvantage, you'll give yourself a chuckle every time you fill one out.

But honestly, the most serious thing we can tell you about your new checks is that you'll love how easily they separate from the pad. It's due to the short line of perforation, which makes for a quick, clean tear and no more accidental rips.

Browse our entire selection of Cartoon Side Tear Checks and order your favorites today!