Cat Side Tear Checks

Feeling Feline?

Everyone gets a little catty now and then, and who can blame us? Life is full of reasons to cop a little "catitude," so there's no reason to pretend otherwise!

Now you can express your affinity for felines with a new set of side-tear checks from the Cat Collection at CheckAdvantage.

We've got every kind of cat checks you can think of, from pleasing photos of purring pets to whimsical whiskered renderings and everything in between!

And even though it's not a competition, you'll do well to remember that cat brains have 300 million neurons compared to only 160 million in dogs. That means a kitty's processing power is nearly twice that of its canine counterparts'.

So the next time someone throws a little doggie-centric shade your way, be sure to tell them whose pet is really the smartest. Remember—you "purred" it first at CheckAdvantage!